• Is Latisse and Careprost the same !!

    If you are reading this blog through search then you probably know what Latisse is already and how absolutely phenomenal and effective it really is, because it will most definitely give you those silly camel eyelashes.  If you don’t know then read our earlier blog “Careprost – Medical Success or Medical Accident” Serious.  It's no lie.  And if you have never heard of Careprost, the Latisse dupe, then read on.

    We know that Latisse is a brilliant little product and that it's the only FDA-approved prescription treatment that grows lashes, but gosh it's so damn expensive at $140+ a bottle, it was not going to be manageable to keep shelling that out. I did some research and found many women talking about the generic forms and having similar results. That’s when I discovered Careprost. Careprost is the only generic alternative to Latisse manufactured at FDA approved facilities.

    Yes, Careprost will most definitely and without a doubt - grow your lashes longer, curlier, darker, and somewhat thicker, and even grow hair that stopped growing for many years from over plucking.  However, it won't compare to falsies.  Falsies will always give you the best lashes. So if your plan was to use Careprost and stop using fake lashes, then I don't think you will be as happy with the results. If someone or some company tells you otherwise, they're fucking lying.

    Not so long ago there really weren’t many sites or companies that sold Careprost, it was mostly unknown.  And the companies that did sell them were all overseas, like in India/China, or was sold by weird looking sites that sold things like Viagra pills, sex drugs, how to stay erect for hours serums - and God knows what other strange vitamins.  It made me feel like I was druggie buying a hardcore, illegal drug on the black market.

    I would buy Careprost from sites that have a good customer service and have a secure payment processing. I usually send them an email first and analyze the response, check the payment link and research the payment processing company. Do your research, don't get scammed. Once you get a good website to buy, you are all set for lifetime long lashes.

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    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but we just say beauty is in the eyes itself. Eyes play a major role in overall beauty. You would definitely like people to drown in your eyes as they are making eye contact while talking. It makes a lot easier for you to make a convincing argument. Women spend a lot on eyeshadows and eyeliners to glorify the look of their eyes. Not many are blessed with naturally beautiful eyes and eyelashes who have to put minimal effort. Thanks to cosmetic developments there are many eyelash extension parlors. But why go the additional mile when you can do it in the convenience of your home? There are some additional steps you can take to make your eyelashes look even longer along with regular use of Careprost.

    Another way for getting longer lashes is taking vitamins for eyelash growth. Vitamin B-3, also known as niacin, stimulates eyelash growth, eliminates dry and brittle eyelashes, improves blood flow to your hair follicles, aids in cellular reproduction, prevents your eyelashes from falling out and helps your body metabolize keratin, a protein that supports hair growth, according to Abram Hoffer, author of “Feel Better, Live Longer with Vitamin B-3.” Foods rich in vitamin B-3 include beef liver, salmon, tilapia, tuna, sunflower seeds, peanuts, mushrooms, and asparagus. [i]

    Curling your lashes before using mascara is an easy and fast way to acquire longer appearing eyelashes for a night out. All you need to do is curl your eyelashes from the roots to the tips as well as brush your mascara on top. It might take a number of layers of mascara to obtain the look you want. Make sure to allow the mascara dried up in between layers or else you find yourself with a clumpy mess. If this occurs, a lash comb can help to save the day.

    A lot of women used eyelash growth serums for growing natural long lashes. These eyelash growth serums are very easy to use with long lasting results. Rather of plumping up the lashes for a night out, they provide more permanent results. Latisse is the number one product available for guaranteed results but it comes with a very high cost. One bottle of Latisse costs more than $100 which last only about one month. The best alternative to Latisse is Careprost which is a generic version of Latisse manufactured in FDA approved facilities by a big pharma company Sun Pharmaceuticals.

    Finally our favorite are fake eyelashes, depending on your mood and occasion you can be as sassy or as sexy as you want. Though it would take some time to get the application method perfected, once you get it, it could become part of your regular routine. Many people only reserve fake lashes for special events. You may also take this one step further as well as get lash extensions applied in a beauty salon. Just like hair extensions, they are little pieces of hair which are attached to your existing lashes and even stay for a few months. This is one of the most expensive alternatives, however, it gives you long lashes at any time.


    [i] Source: LiveStrong

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  • Careprost – Medical Success or Medical Accident

    The Leading Pharmaceutical Company Allergen created the prescription medicine Lumigan for treatment of Glaucoma. After several years of use by consumers Allergan confirmed that most users experienced fuller, longer and darker eyelashes as a side effect of Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Lumigan.

    Allergan made a smart move and produced a new medicine with exact same formula but for treatment of hypotrichosis of the eyelashes (aka growing eyelashes). It is popularly known as Lattise. Obviously as all cosmetic companies do, this was priced even higher than Lumigan.

    Leading pharmaceutical company SunPharma created generic version of Lumigan called Careprost as a less expensive alternative for consumers around the world. Exact same contents but almost one-fifth price.

    There is no doubt that Careprost makes your eyelashes denser and longer in just 4-6 weeks, maximum length is attained in 16 weeks. After that it has to be used 2-3 times a week for maintenance.

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    The most common foundation iteration is liquid. Schultz says liquid foundation is best for oily/acne-prone skin, provided it’s oil-free, and he recommends looking for water in the first position of the ingredient list.

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