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What is Careprost?

Careprost - is used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker.

How to use Careprost?

Below is a video showing how Careprost is to be applied. Do not apply it on the lower eyelid.

What is the difference between Careprost and Latisse?

Latisse is manufactured by Allergan*, active ingredient Bimatoprost 0.03%. Careprost is manufactured by Sun Pharma, active ingredient Bimatoprost 0.03%.
The biggest difference is price, Latisse cost approx $120 per bottle but Careprost is under $30.

Does Careprost really work?

We want long eyelashes too!  We have personally used it and have many happy customers who have used it with great results. You can trust us, the reviews on our website are 100% from genuine users. So we can confidently say - Yes it works

How does Careprost work?

The active ingredient in Careprost eyelash grower is called Bimatoprost

Research suggests that growth of eyelashes occurs by increasing the percentage of hairs in the duration of the anagen (or growth) phase of the hair follicle. Bimatoprost can prolong this growth phase, hence you get longer lashes. It also grow generate extra lashes, so your lashes get fuller.

Is Careprost safe to use?

Yes, Careprost is safe to use.

Bimatoprost, the active ingredient, was first approved in 2001 as a medical product to lower intraocular pressure in people with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Patients treated with bimatoprost for this specific eye condition experienced eyelash growth as a side effect.

The long-term safety of bimatoprost for therapeutic use has been recognized by the medical community and well established based on use in 32 clinical trials involving more than 5,700 glaucoma patients. 

How long does it take to see results using Careprost? And is it permanent?

You may see results at 4 weeks of dedicated use with full results at 12 to 16 weeks. The growth is gradual and over time.

If you stop using it, your eyelashes are expected to return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months. While using Careprost your lashes will continue to grow without shedding as they normally would.  Once full length is achieved maintenance application of 2-3 times per week can be done to maintain the results.

Is Careprost a replacement for mascara?

With regular use, Careprost will grow your natural eyelashes longer, fuller, thicker, and darker - the very same reasons we use mascara.

However, you can still apply mascara while using Careprost if you want to see even more dramatic effects. Check out our waterproof mascaras, the perfect combination for beautiful eyes.

What is the size of the bottle? And how long will one bottle last?

Each 3ml bottle of Careprost® contains 3ml of solution, and comes with one applicator.  It is suggested to discard the bottle 30 days after opening.

Does Careprost need to be refrigerated?

No.  In fact, it's a good idea to keep it handy - say in your bathroom, so that you will remember to use it every day.  

What, if any, are the side effects to consider with Careprost?

The most common side effects after using Careprost® solution are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness, which were reported in approximately 4% of users. These may occur immediately after use, but should usually last only for a short period of time. Eye itching and eye redness are not allergic reactions and do not mean that your eyes are being harmed. However, if eye redness persists you should stop using the product immediately and seek your local physician's advice.

Careprost® may cause other less common side effects, which typically occur on the skin close to where Careprost is applied, or in the eyes. These include eye irritation, dryness of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids. Skin darkening (or hyperpigmentation) is another less common side effect. This condition causes areas of skin to become darker than the surrounding skin color.
Increased brown iris pigmentation has occurred when similar medications were instilled directly into the eye to treat elevated intraocular pressure/glaucoma. Although iris pigmentation was not reported in clinical studies, patients should be
advised about the potential for increased brown iris pigmentation which is likely to be permanent.

If you develop a new ocular condition (e.g., trauma or infection), experience a sudden decrease in visual acuity, have ocular surgery or develop any ocular reactions, particularly conjunctivitis and eyelid reactions, you should stop using the product immediately and seek your local physician's advice. 

Are there other warnings or considerations I need to know?

Careprost is intended for use on the skin of the upper eyelid margins at the base of the eyelashes. DO NOT APPLY to the lower eyelid. If you are using other products in the same class for elevated intraocular pressure (IOP), or if you have a history of abnormal IOP, you should only use Careprost under the close supervision of your local physician.

Careprost® use may cause darkening of the eyelid skin which may be reversible. Careprost® use may also cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely to be permanent.

It is possible for hair growth to occur in other areas of your skin that Careprost® frequently touches. Any excess solution outside the upper eyelid margin should be blotted with a tissue or other absorbent material to reduce the chance of this from happening. It is also possible for a difference in eyelash length, thickness, fullness, pigmentation, number of eyelash hairs, and/or direction of eyelash growth to occur between eyes. These differences, should they occur, will usually go away if you stop using Careprost®.

What does IOP mean?

IOP stands for elevated Intraocular Pressure.  This is a condition where the pressure inside the eye is higher than normal. Careprost® may decrease IOP. So talk to your doctor if you are using IOP-lowering medications. 

If I am pregnant or nursing - can I still use Careprost?

Unfortunately, no.  It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Can I use Careprost on both upper and lower lashes?

No. Only apply the product to the base of your upper lashes only.  Please do not intentionally apply in your eye or to the lower lashes. There is the potential for hair growth to occur in areas where the solution comes in repeated contact with the skin surface.

It is important to apply the solution only to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes using the applicator and to carefully blot any excess from the eyelid margin to avoid it running onto the cheek or other skin areas.

What if I forget to apply a treatment?

If you miss an application or a few, don't try to catch up. Just apply the Careprost the next evening and stay on schedule.

What happens if I stop using Careprost?

To continue to receive the maximum benefits of Careprost®, daily application is required. 

And If you decide to stop using Careprost®, your eyelashes are expected to return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.

Can I still wear Contact lenses while using Careprost?

Yes, you can, but contact lenses should be removed prior to application of Carepros®. They may be reinserted 15 minutes following its administration. 

What happens if I accidentally get it into my eye?

Not to worry.  Careprost® solution is an ophthalmic product. If any gets into the eye, it is not expected to cause harm. The eye should not be rinsed.

What are the ingredients? And who should not use it?

Active ingredient: Bimatoprost 0.03%
Inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride; sodium chloride; sodium phosphate, dibasic; citric acid; and purified water. Sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid may be added to adjust pH. 

Do not use Careprost/Bimat® solution if you are allergic to any one of its ingredients.

What is skin hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which areas of skin become darker than the surrounding skin color. This occurs when there is an increase in the melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, in the skin. Skin hyperpigmentation is a possible side effect, but may be reversible after discontinuation of the product.

Use Careprost only as directed - one drop on each sterile applicator, per eye, at bedtime.

What should I do if I experience eye itching?

Eye itching may occur immediately after use. Consult your local physician if the itching persists or you notice other symptoms as well. If you develop a new eye condition (e.g. trauma or infection), experience a sudden decrease in visual acuity, have eye surgery, or develop any eye reactions, particularly conjunctivitis and eyelid reactions, you should immediately seek your physician’s advice.

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